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Vanhan tradition murtamisen haasteita

Hei pitkästä aikaa! Saimme raportin Bezuneshilta jo jonkin aikaa sitten, mutta nyt vasta ennätin julkaisemaan tämän. Bezuneshin ja Tesfayen opetukset ovat monissa paikoissa uponneet täysillä ja ihmiset ovat olleet hyvin kiitollisia opetuksesta. Tällä kertaa he kuitenkin törmäsivät haasteeseen: ihmiset puolustivat voimakkaasti vanhaa traditiota. Upeaa kuitenkin lukea raportista, että Bezunesh ja Tesfaye saivat näidenkin ihmisten päät kääntymään, edes pikkuisen. Ongelma on myös se, että monet miehet haluavat vaimokseen vain silvotun naisen. Asennemuokkaustyömaata on siis vielä paljon!

Work Report to our partners in Finland: As we informed before, our annual proposal of our teaching is based in the following topic.

What are the challenges of Women in Sidama tribe in Christian community?
Text:- (Col. 3:1-17,Gal.2:11-21) By reading this texts we started our teaching concerning Women’s  challenges in Sidama Community.

This time we taught Sidama people in Yirgalem Kale Hiwot church for married and unmarred female and male groups for three days. This time was for us a very exceptional time, because according to Sidama culture this is a time of circumcision  for male and female. We got the chance to teach circumcised and uncircumcised females when we teach both female and male groups  in this circumcision season. This time we taught more than 40  married  and  unmarried females and males. We are very happy because we could get together with many men so they heard the challenges of women and they can understand what their womens lives are like.

We asked our  learners what was the challenges of Christian to live in holly life for Colossians  as well as Galatians Christians? Their challenge was false teaching which included circumcision which was unbiblical teaching. So we ask them: when you look at Sidama area, what are challenges of women to become free from any unbiblical teachings? We show to them there are many challenges, for example: Culture is a problem for women, women’s place in humanity, power inequity, dehumanization, socio-economic domination and Female Genital Mutilation are some of women’s challenges. Of all these challenges female genital mutilation is most harmful and dangerous. Also we teached them that this harmful tradition is unbiblical and we confirmed that there is no biblical facts for this practice.

The response of our learners was a very challenging. Our learners have different attitudes about FGM. Some of them accept it as the command of God. Some accepts it as a traditional and cultural practice of the ancient people of Sidama. So we struggled to reconcile these two different ideas through the word of God.

  Finally we managed to give some recognition based on our teaching about  FGM. After that, all of them came to agreement to accept it as a harmful traditional practice. Finally, they said they want to continue to learn about these challenges and to know more about FGM and how to stop this harmful practice. Also the response of some uncircumcised girls was: We never accept this unbiblical teaching and harmful tradition in our lives and we will start to cut this practice from our friends! They said they need more knowledge about the challenges of women to search for a solution for these kinds of challenges. But some people are afraid to make the decision to stop this practice because some uneducated males says they don't want to marry uncircumcised girls. They need more teaching about FGM for their society and for themselves. So according to their question we promised to them that we will continue our teaching among Sidama people.
May God bless you all of those who read this work report!
This picture shows our learners:

Aktiiviset ja asioita miettivät kuulijat. Eturivissä vasemmalla näyttäisi olevan Tesfaye.

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