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Avainhenkilöt sitoutuivat viemään anti-FGM-opetusta eteenpäin Etiopiassa

Etiopia on suurelta osin kristitty maa. Useat etiopialaiset kristilliset yhteisöt ajattelevat yhä, että kristinuskon oppiin kuuluu tyttöjen ympärileikkaus ja toimenpidettä perustellaan Jumalan sanalla. Yhteisöt pitävät traditiota yllä ja avainhenkilöitä tässä ovat kirkkojen työntekijät. Bezunesh ja Tesfaye ovat tällä kertaa käyneet opettamassa kirkon työntekijöiksi opiskelevia kahdessa eri yliopistotason raamattukouluissa, jotta he vuorostaan voisivat viedä anti-FGM-opetusta eteenpäin eri kristillisiin yhteisöihin. Nyt näiden kahden raamattuopiston opiskelijoiden kautta on mahdollista tavoittaa jopa kolmekymmentä yhteisöä! Bezunesh ja Tesfaye ovat myös saaneet kutsuja muihin raamattukouluihin pitämään kursseja samasta aiheesta. Raportin loppupuoli on tuttuun tapaan yhteenveto opetuksen sisällöstä. Itse pidän todella hienona asiana, että he opettavat anti-FGM:n lisäksi yleisemminkin naisen oikeuksista ja tasa-arvoisesta avioliitosta sekä perustelevat nämä asiat Jumalan sanalla – siis samalla millä yhteisöt itse perustelevat ympärileikkauksia!

Work report to Henrica and those who read this in Finland

Topic: What the Bible says about Female Gentle Mutilation?

Texts: Exodus 20:14; Hebrew13:14; Genesis 2:21-25; 26-28

This season we taught in teo different Bible schools from September up to beginning of October in Kambata area. We gave training in both areas for 10 days continuously as a special course. The time has been a fine and joyful.

These two schools were Urulicho Amaharic Diploma level Bible school and the second one is Funto Lamacha amaharic Diploma level Bible school. This time we had the opportunity to teach a different kind of people, married and unmarried and all of them are educated and a key persons in the local churches. With our teaching we did reach more than fifty people both female and male in two schools, which mean through them we could reach to more than 30 churches! All students  present from Mekane Yesus churches, Kale Hiwot and Full Gospel churches. Their interest were very good and they gave response ina  positive way. They promised to teach their people in the church and out of the church everywhere. Also we taught strongly about biblical truth concerning FGM. The following picture shows one of learners groups discussions.

Again we will have a good opportunity to teach in other bible schools too because the one bible school leader invited us to give training for his students about FGM as a special course. So that, just we started our preparation in educated method. That time means from October 22 to Nevember 5 according to Ethiopian calendar.

Dear, our teaching was as following with deeply explanation:

What the Bible says for some specific reasons of FGM

The common reason given for FGM is that it insures the wifes faithfulness to her husband and to preserve girls virginity. According to this view circumcision is a tool to control women’s sexual desire. O’Donovan criticized this view by saying female virginity and faithfulness are considered to be important standard to maintain while it is silently accepted that men will be free to seek additional sexual partners when they desire. But the Bible does not make distinction between adultery and fornication (Ex.20:14; Heb.13:14). This understanding makes wife as a tool of her husband. In the Bible both of woman and man are created for the purpose of faithfulness to rule and subdue creatures (Gen.2:26-28). Also God pays an attention to the entire parts of the human body but not only to some part of our body. We are stewards of God’s creation including our body.

FGM is considered as an issue of acceptance by the adults of a clan. This view is centered on the cultural understanding of marriage. Cultural acceptance by itself is considered as very important. But the Bible teaches about marriage as different from social belief. Marriage is an institution created by God from the very beginning (Gen.2:21-25). Physical harm and abuse may affect the marriage between husband and the wife. Therefore, FGM have to be stopped. Wenham proposed a strategy to abolish FGM. He said that restricting circumcision to men is of a peace with this attitude. We also support his view since FGM isn’t an issue only about women. It is also the issue of the whole community. Therefore, it is impossible to abolish it without the support of men.

The two arguments to abolish FGM are the argument from the silent and the argument from the creation. Argument from the silence is a strong argument which shows that the Bible is silent about the practice of FGM. But the second argument is that God made everything good including those parts of women that are important for child bearing and a healthy relationship within marriage. This argument is weak, because male circumcision is not instituted on the spot of creation. And God didn’t institute male circumcision to modify what is not good but for to make covenant relationship with human being.

The Bible is silent about FGM. In OT we have a brief explanation about male circumcision. The NT shows that we are free from the bondage of the law of circumcision. Circumcision is unnecessary even for male for his salvation and sanctification. We can’t afford spiritual quality by being circumcised. FGM is something which is developed within the human history but not on biblical and theological bases. In Ethiopia the Christian community has been practicing FGM for many years as biblical based practice, but it is not biblical.

The response of our learners was very positive. They want to teach about it in different church and everywhere to save the women lives from the bad practice of FGM. This new year we will continue with this two bible school students. Dear we wait your commit and suggestions.

We wish all the best for those who read this work report in Finland!

This writing work report is from Ethiopia, Bezunesh Lombebo and Tesfaye Alemu.

This picture shows our learners:

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