torstai 16. lokakuuta 2014

Sankalen kylässä halutaan lopettaa FGM-traditio

Sain lisää viestiä Elizabethilta. Hän oli saanut kutsun puhumaan Sankalen kylän isoon tapahtumaan. Kuvissa näkyy paljon kuulijoita, sekä miehiä että naisia ja lapsia. Se on hieno juttu, sillä FGM-ongelma ja sen ratkaiseminen koskee koko yhteisöä, ei vain tyttöjä. Aihe vaikuttaa olevan sen verran tabu, että ihmiset keskenään tai kylien johtajatkaan eivät siitä oikein kunnolla puhu. Siksi onkin hienoa, että Elizabeth ja kumppanit saavat kutsuja tulla puhumaan asiasta avoimesti.

Hi dear how are you? I am good doing well. The work is going on well. These pictures are from Sankale village where the chief of the area made a meeting with the people. He invited us (me and my workers) to teach the people because as you know we are heading to December when many girls are being circumcised and forced to get married. The chief of the area was there and some church pastors and also the councellor of the area was there. All are happy about our teachings. We also promise them to visit them again and they welcome us so much. They also promised us to stop the bad tradition.

We taught them disadvantages of FGM like bleeding so much which may lead to death. We give them example of that young girl who died at Kajiado village. We also teach them that circumsiced girls will have problem giving birth because expansion of the vigana will not take place because when they are circumcised a wound will be left there. Also AIDS can be transmitted to them when using same knife during circumcision and one of the girls have the virus. We also teach them about problems with early marriage.

We asked average listener what they did think. They said we are doing a good work to save life of girls and they promised us to stop the bad culture. Also the fathers who decide about FGM for their children wanted to change but not all of them. That is why we usually visit those villages several times. We are running short of money nowdays so we go by legs to those villages. With the little money that we had left our grandmotherworker used them to enter into the vehicle and other workers go by feet.
During December we plan to hold a week long seminar together with some pastors in a church in Oloolorten village. December is circumsicing time becauseof school vacation. We wait girls and women but also I know some men will attend.

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